Our Approach

What Makes Barff House A Dream Wedding Venue?

“Thank you so much, your attention to detail is amazing! You have thought of everything.”

Katy Brierley – Owner, and All Round Wedding Planner

My husband John and I offer you a warm welcome to Barff House. Our aim is to ensure that you can relax and enjoy the wedding of your dreams.

I will be on hand to help you plan and prepare, taking the stress and strain out of the organisation. I can help you choose from our list of recommended suppliers, or you are free to choose your own.

You are welcome to visit the venue in the lead up to the day; you may well want to make more than one visit and that’s fine.

The venue will be available the day before the wedding and we will be here to help you to set up. On the big day itself, we expect some of your party will want to arrive early and to leave late. We have provided an area of the field for camping and expect some of your guests to stay well into the following morning…we will even provide breakfast by request.

All we ask is that you leave us by 2pm the following day with everything cleared away. We can even provide a cleanup crew, so that you can enjoy the morning after, reliving memories from the day before.

No two weddings are alike. We offer you the freedom to create your perfect day, one that you and your guests will never forget.

Here’s Our Story


My husband John and I bought Barff House in 2012. We saw a picture of the farmhouse on the Internet and simply fell in love with it!

At that time, the house, gardens and outbuildings needed considerable renovation and some tender loving care.

It was a year before we could live in the house and, after much hard work, we moved from York in 2013.

Our first project was to renovate The Cart Shed, which we converted into a holiday cottage, using sustainable and locally sourced building materials. With all our projects our aim is to be as environmentally friendly as possible and we are pleased that our holiday accommodation has been awarded Green Tourism Gold.


At the same time, my daughter and her husband converted the turnip shed into a family home and they now live, with their two children, just across the fold yard.

The woods to one side of the drive needed clearing of self-seeded willow, to allow for the native trees to flourish. After clearing, we made a secluded enclosure for our shepherd’s hut, which was hand built by our friend Kevin Lordan at The Yorkshire Hut Company. This became our second holiday let.

At this point, we had no intention of hosting weddings, although it had often been suggested by friends and family. It was not until my son and his girlfriend asked if they could hold their wedding here and we began work on the barn, that we realised the potential. Later, in 2018, our youngest daughter Ellie married her boyfriend here at Barff, which was a simple, rustic and authentic celebration – photos of which can be seen in our gallery.

We have since discovered that this house has a long tradition of hosting weddings, with marquees on the lawn for the children and grandchildren of the Fewson family, who lived here for many years.

We are very pleased to continue the tradition.   


So That’s Us!

We run a family centred approach to celebrating weddings free from constraints and restrictions, rich in emotion and fun for a truly magical wedding day.

Fill out the form below and I will give you a guided tour of our home and gardens.

– Katy x